It can’t be denied that bifold doors bring true beauty to homes from various eras. Breathtaking outdoor views can become part of your interior decoration as your bifold doors invite the outside in. However, proper maintenance procedures must be employed if you want to enjoy unspoilt views.


Choose the right cleaning materials

Glass is sensitive to abrasive materials as they may cause permanent scratching. Always use a soft cloth, like microfibre, chamois or a squeegee. Never use heavy-duty scrubbers for either the glass or the door frame.


With many commercial glass cleaners to choose from, your bifold doors will probably benefit the most from homemade cleaners since they don’t contain any harmful chemicals. The most generally used homemade solution is white vinegar mixed with water – since it leaves a scent that doesn’t work for everyone, you can also try:


  • Baking soda
  • Mild detergent/soap
  • Borax


If you are using soap, watch out for suds that can leave an unsightly residue.


Avoid wearing jewellery or any accessories while cleaning

They might graze the glass, leaving unwanted scratches.


Install pet screens/doors

Dogs and cats will do anything to let you know they want to be let in; unfortunately, this includes scratching at your doors. Pet screens and doors will solve this problem.


Keep an eye on the tracks

A build-up of debris and grit can damage the bifold doors’ tracking mechanism. To keep them functioning smoothly, regularly vacuum the runners and lubricate with a silicone spray.


Be gentle when opening and closing

Handle your bifold doors with care if you want to enjoy their optimal performance. If your bifold door is showing some resistance, be wary of any obstructions.


Keep the locks lubricated

Eventually, the locks will penetrate dirt and dust. Lubricating your locks will keep them from sticking which will further promote easy use.


Naturally illuminating and a seamlessly simple intervention with the great outdoors… bifold doors!