Planning to construct a new home…? Embarking on a renovation project…? You’ve obviously got a lot to think about, so let us help you out by giving you some helpful advice regarding bifolding doors, as we explain why they are the most stylish and efficient addition to any home.


1. They provide high security


A bifolding door will feature a locking system which spreads over multiple points along the sliding track – this offers a higher level of security compared with other door alternatives.


2. They have great insulation properties


Most bifold doors available on the market are built with effective insulation strips and weather stripping. The standard bifolding door range can achieve a U-value of 1.3W/m2K which can help you to maintain the ideal temperature within the home; a properly insulated home also means lower energy consumption.


3. They do not require a great deal of maintenance


Featuring a self-clean coating that helps to reduce the grime that sticks to the glass, bifolding doors don’t require a great deal of maintenance; they simply require regular cleaning with a mild detergent.


4. They beautifully enhance the appearance of your home


Bifolding doors have narrow profiles and slim sight lines that assure an elegant finish. They have become a must-have addition to high-end interior design projects.


5. They are a real space-saver


Bi-fold doors can glide smoothly and fold neatly away into the edge of the frames. A noteworthy feature, bifold doors completely fold when opened – they disappear – freeing up more space. They also provide a minimalist look for your home.


6. They are safe


Some bifold doors have finger protection systems to protect against finger trapping injuries.


Slide or Fold provides aluminium bifolding doors and windows that are perfect for your home. Great for everyday use, our aluminium bifolding door range also includes a finger protection system. For more information or a reasonable quote, please call the bifolding door experts on 0121-525-1977… as one door closes, another Slide or Fold door opens!