According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, an estimated 15,000 UK children trap their fingers within the home environment every year – 1,500 of these cases require surgery.


Among their many benefits, bifold doors assure safety and security but if you’re wondering how they compare to the other alternatives on the market, here are five unmistakable bifold door qualities:


  1. Slide or Fold’s models include the Schuco Bifold Door, which has a unique protection system that can protect against finger trapping injuries.


  1. Traditional patio doors – especially those that are not installed or maintained properly, have the tendency to slide shut. Bifold doors have multiple roller carriages that can carry weight effortlessly; making them easier to open and close.


  1. Say goodbye to irksome tripping and bumped heads! Most patio doors include a lip within the door frame that is a common cause of accidents. Bifold doors can be fitted with lower thresholds, making them more convenient for both children and adults.


  1. Most bifold doors are sturdy and include shatterproof glass; making them more hardwearing and resistant to knocks.


  1. If it’s uninvited visitors that worry you, Slide or Fold’s doors assure greater security compared with many of their counterparts. Featuring a distinctive locking system that is spread over multiple points along the sliding track, this will keep intruders out.


Adding the perfect finishing touch to any home and assuring years of trouble-free and reliable service, Slide or Fold specialises in bifold doors that include all these essential safety features. Contact us today on 0121 525 1977 with all your enquiries.