An increasing number of homeowners are investing in their property by building an extension; creating their dream home, providing extra living space and adding to the value should they decide to sell in the future.


Bifold doors are a useful addition to property extensions since they instantly create a spacious feeling, whether open or closed. This is particularly beneficial, since there’s a good chance that building an extension will mean losing part of the garden.


Create feeling of space


The design and appearance of bifolding doors opening directly onto the outdoor area will retain the feeling of open space; even if the garden is smaller than it was before. Even when the doors are closed, the glass that stretches from floor to ceiling will make the exterior and interior feel like one wide open space.


Versatile options


A perfect fit for just about any size or shape of extension, bifold doors can fit into many aperture sizes and into bay or corner spaces – opening inwards or outwards. This means you can choose the configuration that’s just right for your home. The doors can fold in one direction and they can open from one side or from the centre; enabling you to choose how you wish to access your extension. The compact opening mechanism will maximise space, while he bifold door optimises the natural light coming in.


Privacy and shade


Another consideration is whether you require privacy and shade, as bifold doors can offer both. With many extensions built on the back of suburban houses, it may be the case that you are overlooked by neighbouring properties – there are some amazing blinds available for bifold doors, including fabric options or integral blinds. There are also several different choices of glazing, including glass that changes from transparent to opaque at the flick of a switch. This will enable you to enjoy the summer days in your very own suntrap – with privacy when required, such as in the evening.


With double or triple glazing, you can also be assured that even on the coldest winter nights, your extension will remain properly insulated, snug and warm.


Choice of materials


With a range of materials available for the frame such as timber, aluminium or PVCU, it’s simple to choose a bifold door that will complement the look of your extension. Whether you’re going for modern, contemporary or the traditional timber finish, there’s a frame to suit every taste that provides reliable thermal efficiency and superior security.


Security and safety


Bifolding doors can provide great security benefits. Many burglaries are carried out on the spur of the moment by opportunist thieves, who may think that an extension is an easy access point to your home, particularly if it’s at the back of the house in a secluded area.


Security should never be a concern with bifolding doors, as they are renowned for their effective locking systems – most of which meet the “Secured by Design” standard preferred by the police. Choose insurance-recognised locks with a five-lever key cylinder as standard. Choose a cylinder that’s resistant to picking, snapping, drilling and bumping. A high-quality locking system will have integrated, multi-point locking systems, with shoot bolts and hooked locks to ensure your extension is as secure as the rest of the house.