A study found that by optimising the natural light in an office environment, the health and wellness of workers was significantly improved, leading to gains in productivity. As office workers spend approximately 80-90% of the time indoors, providing natural light is vital.


External bifold doors will enhance the workspace by providing more natural light for employees. Inviting fresh air into the building in the summer, they create a happier, brighter working environment.

When you’re in business, you need to create an excellent first impression to meet and greet clients. A smart, modern entrance can showcase your best assets and establish your branding through your choice of style and colour.


Choosing the correct external doors can dispel unwanted outside noise disturbance, reduce the glare of the sun, minimise heat loss, ensure cool air can enter in warmer weather and improve the premises’ safety and security.


If you want to improve workplace productivity, give us a call to discuss your bifold door options.