With house prices continuing to rise, it can be a struggle for many to move to a bigger property – which can be a problem if there’s a need for more space. Growing families or increased numbers of visitors can require more living space and that is why many are choosing garage conversions over the stress and expense of moving.


Many families use their garage simply for junk storage to keep bulky or unwanted items out of sight, but a garage conversion can have a whole host of benefits.

The benefits of garage conversions

Converting your garage into part of the main house can give you extra space to use in a number of ways, depending on your family’s requirements. Whether it’s a kitchen extension, an extra bedroom, an annex, a home office, a playroom or any other room for that matter, it ensures that you get the home and the space you want, without the need to move.


If you are planning on selling up and moving on, a garage conversion could also increase the value of your home, making it more likely that you’ll find yourself with extra budget for your future abode.


With more and more people setting up their own businesses, a garage conversion can also give you the space you need for a home office. Whether it’s the creation of a simple office or a custom-designed space such as a beauty therapy room, a massage room or a pet grooming parlour, it’s the perfect way to keep your home and work life separate, while still avoiding the need to rent or buy business space elsewhere.


Sliding or bi-folding doors?

Once the decision has been made to convert your garage to the room of your choice, there will be plenty more style options to decide upon. As well as the interior decoration, your choice of windows and doors is vital to ensure a liveable or workable space that suits your needs.


With so many available door options, it can be hard to decide which is best for you. Both sliding and bi-folding doors create a great link between the inside and outside of your home and they let in an abundance of natural light, but you might find that one alternative suits your garage conversion over the other.


Sliding doors open by moving to the side, with one pane slotting behind the other. This means that they’re perfect for rooms where space is at a premium. They can replace an entire wall, meaning that they will let in a great deal of light, and they tend to be thermally efficient too. There is generally more glass than in bi-fold doors.


Bi-folding doors on the other hand have a concertina design and again, they can span an entire wall. They’re perfect for those who spend a great deal of time between the house and the garden, as they open up fully and offer uninterrupted views of the outside – unlike sliding doors, which sit behind a pane of glass when open. Bi-fold doors can open either inwards or outwards, giving you the choice of how to use your space, and they can also include a standard door at one end – making it easy to get in and out without needing to open up the entire wall.


Costs for bi-fold and sliding doors are generally very similar: it’s all about preference, and the solution that you feel would work best with the intended use of your garage conversion.


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