Lasting between 90 minutes and two hours on average every night, we all have dreams when we are asleep.


Professional researchers, or Dream Workers, analyse the meanings of dreams. This fascinating field of research has discovered that individuals from different cultures experience similar dreams, suggesting that they have a generally accepted, universal meaning, based on our emotional state at the time, regardless of our background.


Although there is no one meaning for the images and symbols, some themes are so common that they have a recognised definition. Dreams can reflect on something that is currently happening in our life, good or bad.

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Dreaming of doors

Doors are a recurring theme in people’s dreams and can have various meanings. If you see a door in your dream, it can represent access to new opportunities and changes. It could mean you have the chance to do something different, symbolising a transition from one stage of your life to another.


When the door is open, it could mean changes in your life have already begun, reflecting your receptiveness to new situations or ideas. However, dreaming of a closed door could mean that opportunities are no longer available to you.


There’s another meaning to a closed door – it could reflect an initiative you’re deciding whether to take, potentially opening up a new opportunity. The power is in your hands and you can decide whether or not to open the door and seize the opportunity.


Opening and closing

If you dream about an open door and then it slams shut, you may have missed an opportunity which is no longer available. It could also mean you had perceived a problem forming, but that it has now disappeared. It could signify you had never addressed the problem, but had rather ignored it instead.


Dreaming of a locked door could mean you’re feeling cut off from a possible opportunity in your life. You may feel you’re being prevented from making progress.


A locked door has another meaning – it could reflect that you’re unwilling to open up to others. You may be anti-social when it comes to mixing with friends. Maybe you’ve cut yourself off from other people and don’t wish to reveal too many personal details.


Wrong door

You may dream you have opened a door, but it doesn’t lead to where you imagined it would. You may feel you’ve inadvertently opened yourself up to problems, but don’t want to deal with them.


It may also mean you’ve initiated contact with people socially whom you don’t actually like. You have inadvertently encouraged people to think you like them and want to spend time with them again. You’re unsure how to get out of the situation.


If you dream about a door that’s slammed in your face, you could be feeling like you’re shut out of certain situations, or ignored, in your day-to-day life.


If other people in your dream are asking you to let them through a door, this can represent a situation that’s putting you under pressure to do something different, but you’re unsure if you want to.


When people you don’t like are behind the door, trying to get in, this represents bad habits, negative thinking or fears that are manifesting themselves in your dreams.


If you dream you’re locked outside the door of your own home, this can be a sign that negative influences or problems are making it hard for you to feel stable and safe in your daily life. It can be a sign that you don’t know how to get back to normal.


When you’re dreaming that you want to close a door, but can’t do so, this symbolises changes that have affected you that now seem irreversible. Walking out of a door and finding you can’t turn round and go back through it also represents changes and an inability to revert to earlier times.


If you dream of being stuck in a revolving door and going round and round, this can mean you feel trapped in your waking life. You may feel like you’re going round in circles and not getting anywhere.


Are the dream theories true?

Dream analysts say the theories have been proven correct the majority of the time. According to cases highlighted by the online resource Dream Bible, one subject dreamed of trying to open a door, but found it was locked. She was struggling to communicate with her daughter in daily life and the locked door represented this obstacle.


Another subject dreamed of seeing a door open and then close straight afterwards. In daily life, she and her boyfriend had been involved in an argument. She felt the relationship was close to the end. However, the next day, this feeling had gone and everything seemed okay again.


The opening and closing door represented the feelings she was experiencing in her life, with the open door representing the unwanted path that they were going to split up, but the closed door signifying that the crisis had passed again.


A third person dreamed he had walked out of a door, but was unable to get back inside when he tried to do so. In reality, he was embroiled in a dispute with difficult people. They had reached a point where they couldn’t communicate reasonably any longer. Unable to resolve the issue, he realised the legal problems were manifesting themselves in his dreams, with the door representing the barrier in speaking to the other party.


One woman had a recurring nightmare about a man with an axe, who was trying to break down her door. An analyst suggested this represented her own internal turmoil and the anger she felt that her career was going nowhere.


She felt she was being blocked from promotion to management level. She took a new job with more pay which she liked, and this put an end to her continual nightmares. She had broken down the barrier to her own inner turmoil.


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