The glazing chosen for your bifold door can make a big difference to your home; one of the chief benefits of the glazing is that it can retain the heat inside your property, therefore reducing energy bills.


Householders often don’t understand the U-values of glass – this is an important consideration when considering bifold doors with glass, as the lower the U-value of your glazing the more effectively it will retain the heat within your home.


Create a brighter home


Glazing can change the appearance of your home; a bifold door opening on to the garden can make a room feel more spacious, providing a panoramic view.


Bifold doors with glass panels are a wonderful way to bring the outdoors in. They work beautifully when open or closed, providing scenic views and drawing in light as a result of the full-height and width of the glass panels.


Energy efficient glazing


Choosing solar control glass enables you to keep out the heat in the summer and retain the warmth in the winter. The bifolding door sealed unit normally has either krypton or argon gas in the glazing cavity – both of these gases afford a good U-value.


Equally suitable for internal use, bifold doors provide the ideal solution if your home is compact – the “concertina” design removes the need for the door to swing open, saving on space.


Stained glass


Bifold doors with stained glass panels are one of the latest options, creating a contemporary finish that also encapsulates a touch of traditional charm. Stained glass panels or traditional leaded lights, are joined together with lead cane before being soldered and cemented to create a weatherproof finish.


Coloured film designs and lead overlay are used to create the look of traditional stained glass, providing a one-piece unit that can be double or single-glazed.


Frosted glass


For a degree of privacy, bifold doors can be finished with frosted glass. Popular for interior bifold doors, frosted glass provides a modern aesthetic while inviting light into the room.


Privacy glass


Thanks to advances in technology, alternating levels of privacy can be achieved through the use of switchable glass. As a result of an electric current, the “intelligent” gas switches from opaque to clear when you choose.


Offering flexibility and versatility, privacy glass is ideal not only for domestic use but also for commercial use.


Now who lives in a house like this…? The clues are in the glass!