Perfect for home or commercial use, aluminium windows have many benefits – including thermal performance, durability and cost-effectiveness.


Thermal Performance


Aluminium windows assure outstanding thermal and sound insulation benefits that meet current building regulations – they have a greater thermal efficiency than PVC or timber frames.


High-performance aluminium exceeds the current energy efficiency standards, minimising heat loss through windows and improving heat retention by up to 60%.


Durability and Maintenance


Aluminium windows are highly durable. They are also almost maintenance-free thanks to their corrosion-resistant properties. Weather-resistant, they can withstand even the harshest environmental conditions. Unlike other materials they don’t crack, swell, warp or split over time – ensuring extended product life.




Compared with other window framing options, aluminium frames are significantly less costly. They can provide an economical, yet sturdy solution for both domestic and commercial applications.


Aluminium is 4.3 times stronger than wood and three times stronger than PVC, so it will last much longer.


Flexibility of Design


Due to the metal’s strength, it can be manufactured into many custom specifications. Combined with a choice of finishes and glass, this affords the opportunity to install bespoke windows to meet your individual requirements.


Aesthetically Pleasing


Durable and sturdy, aluminium windows have a sleek, slim appearance. Providing smooth lines to the exterior, the latest manufacturing processes allow customers to choose their insulation value.


Unobtrusive in nature, aluminium windows work well in both residential and commercial properties, providing a contemporary feel… one very good reason aluminium is dominating new builds in both markets.




Available with many different finishes and with a large selection of colours to choose from, aluminium window will perfectly match your décor. They are suitable for either triple or double glazing – providing a wide variety of sight-lines, from heavy duty to slim-line and using the lowest number of profiles.




Aluminium assures one of the highest recycling rates compared with other window frame materials, making it one of the most environmentally-sustainable materials on the market.




Offering excellent security; resisting even the severest of attacks from intruders, not only are aluminium windows extremely rigid, they also benefit from top-quality security locking systems and reinforced screws to increase the strength of the hinges.


Slide or Fold supplies the highest-quality Schuco AWS 70SC aluminium window. Renowned for their excellent quality and economically-priced window systems, Schuco provides an outward-opening window system that’s ideal for residential, trade and light commercial markets. Whether for refurbishment or new-build projects, the Schuco AWS 70SC aluminium window is the optimum solution.