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Stellar Aluminium Windows

Stellar aluminium windows provide an exceptionally high performance, yet they are surprisingly simple to fabricate and install.


With world-class aesthetics, Stellar is also cost-effective, delivering everything the discerning buyer is looking for.


The brief given to Stellar’s developers was to produce the best possible aluminium window system for UK householders. The designers started from scratch and refused to accept any limitations.


Slimmer frame system

Stellar offers the slimmest system; some sections are 30% narrower than their nearest competitor. The slim sections make the most of the glass-to-frame ratio, letting more light into your home and improving the views.


Stellar also includes a unique, patent-pending feature, in the shape of a reverse butt joint. The windows can be glazed from the inside, without ruining the stunning lines with dummy window sashes.


Using pre-inserted gaskets, Stellar offers high-performance weathering. The seals cushion the glazing, providing excellent weather protection. Highly insulated, they offer a high level of security.


Design options

With a choice of double or triple glazing, and a wide range of aesthetic and colour options such as flush casement, fully flush casement and bay windows; you can customise Stellar’s slimline aluminium windows for the perfect glazing solution.


Offering performance, paint and security guarantees, as well as optimum satisfaction and security, Stellar windows have also been designed to make production processes more efficient.


A more sustainable option, Stellar uses around 30% less aluminium than similar systems.


To find out more, please call 0121 525 1977.

Stellar Aluminium Windows
Stellar Aluminium Windows

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