As a key feature of bifold doors, the threshold generates a seamless connection between two areas in the home.


Essential to accessible living, Schuco offers different threshold options to suit every application. The Schuco aluminium bifolding doors come with two threshold options; low threshold and standard threshold.


Slide or Fold’s Schuco Low Threshold for Aluminium BiFolding Doors


Suitable for internal applications and other sheltered locations, Slide or Fold offers Schuco low threshold for Aluminium bifolding doors. Commonly used where bifolding doors have been introduced to create a partition between 2 rooms, with only a 3.5 mm rise above the floor the bulk of the threshold is positioned below the finished floor level. This offers a fine transition through the inward and outward motion.


The Schuco low threshold can also be installed to connect the indoor and outdoor part of the home. When the level of the internal floor is similar to that of the external floor, a Schuco low threshold without a sill can blur the distinction in between. However, unless the location is sheltered, the low threshold is not recommended for applications with high exposure to wind and rain as it offers no weather rating.


With over 30 years’ experience, Slide or Fold confidently produces high-quality fenestration products, like Schuco low threshold for bifolding doors. We are able to handle all types of projects, from basic to the most complicated. For more information or a reasonable quote, please use this contact form or call us on 0121-525-1977.

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