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Font DoorPatio Sliding DoorChoosing the appropriate door for your home is important – it should be functional and easy on the eye. We supply and install bi-folding doors and patio doors to enhance both the interior and exterior of your property.


Our bi-folding doors feature slimmer sightlines and a powder-coated finish that never needs recoating. We can install between two and seven panels, so they are suitable for various applications, including commercial applications and buildings with restricted space.


Creating a seamless transition into your garden, you can open up a whole wall by installing glazed panels, which makes your room feel more spacious. Bi-folding doors allow plenty of natural light to illuminate your home, while creating a modern, contemporary feel.


Our sliding patio doors will create a large area of unobstructed glass, opening up an incredible view, even for houses or balcony areas where there isn’t a lot of space. They can be customised to suit personal choice, thanks to the range of colours and styles.


Energy efficiency is also an important factor, and today’s double or triple glazed designs can be further enhanced by low-conductivity gases between the glass panes.


Enjoy panoramic views by installing either our bi-folding or sliding patio door options.