Timber bifolding doors:

this material will need to be painted or stained every five or so years and swelling and shrinkage may stop the doors from operating correctly.

PVCu bifolding doors:

sections are normally bulky and can suffer from expansion and contraction, which can hamper the functionality of your doors.

Aluminium bifolding doors:

thermally efficient, the slim line sections are still very strong. Available in extensive colour options, they are also easy to maintain.


U value:

the thermal rating given to the sealed unit (lower value gives better rating), a good benchmark is a u value of 1.1.


triple glazed units assure better sound insulation benefits than double glazed units.


all units can be finished with a self-clean coating, reducing dirt levels and thus keeping the product cleaner.


The recognised British Standard is Pass 11 and the European Standard is W2.



this gives the best weather rating and can be lowered for a flush fit.


the flush track gives an instantly low threshold that is subject to weathering.


When deciding on your door configuration, you should first consider whether you intend to use the door as a main access point. if you do, a main access door leaf may be your best option.

Opening In or Out

Doors can be modelled to open in or out: normally they would open out to maximise on the inside space.

Panel Size

For a better aesthetic, try to achieve the largest door leaf size possible.

Planning/Building Regulations

Always seek professional advice when calculating the steel required for bifolding doors, as they will need to be free flowing.


All doors can be coloured as required and aluminium doors are powder coated (60 microns Marine Standard being the optimum) so they are more robust.

Your Project

For any further help or advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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