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DeWall bifold doors provide a high-quality solution to all your requirements – a major advantage is that the components, hardware and systems are bespoke designed, providing maximum carry capacity with slim sightlines, large doors and minimum profiles.

Features include:

  • Thermal insulation 1.1W/m2K available
  • Any Ral Colour
  • Triple Glazing .6 U value available
  • British and European security standards including Secured by Design
  • Adjustable frame jambs
  • Flush threshold option
  • Water resistance up to 600Pa
  • Maximum door leaf height 2500mm
  • Maximum door leaf width 1000mm
  • High quality stainless steel rollers
DeWall Aluminium Bespoke Bi-fold Door Systems

Bespoke designs

This European-designed system gives excellent thermal values and offers multiple threshold options and above-ground bottom running. With an outer frame and sash that are both the same depth, the system is easily fabricated, with doors that can open inwards or outwards using the same profiles. This truly inline system features bespoke hardware; resulting in high performance, attractive bifold doors that can be installed to suit individual specifications.

Technical information

DeWall bifold doors have a maximum weight of 120kg per panel, a maximum height of 3,000mm and a maximum width of 1,200mm. With multiple threshold options, an adjustable jamb option and exceptionally smooth bottom running, the doors are ideal for every specification. Slim sightlines make them aesthetically pleasing.

With optional dual colour and special finishes, they will complement any décor – colour-matched handles and magnetic door holders can assure the perfect look.

Available in every conceivable configuration, this can achieve a maximum of up to seven left and seven right doors, with bottom rolling. There is also the option for outside access on any configuration.

Secure and energy efficient

In terms of security, the intermediate doors offer concealed shoot bolt locking and a single point handle. Key locking is also an option.

Energy efficient, the doors offer increased thermal values thanks to their 30mm polyamide thermal break. They also meet the relevant standards, complying with Document Q, British Standard BS6375 Part 1 Weather Testing and PAS 24.


Optional extras include the DeBar Protec magnetic door holder – this enables you to hold the swing/pass door to the adjacent panel. To minimise the impact and to ensure the doors remain aesthetically pleasing, the magnetic door holder is the smallest size possible.

The DeBar locks are operable and lockable from inside or outside, on any configuration of bifold doors. The gearbox is engineered from die cast zinc and the lock constructed from steel – for a corrosion-protected and durable solution.

Create your products

For customers’ convenience, DeWall bifold doors are available on Logikal Software, which is the fenestration industry’s processing and production software tool. It comprises many aluminium and steel system databases, enabling the customer to create their chosen glazing system products for pricing and production purposes. DeWall aluminium is available for companies to adapt or adopt as their own and die drawings and cad details for extrusions and gaskets are available.

For further information about DeWall bifold doors, contact Slide or Fold. We are always happy to help.

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Need Help or Advice?

If you need any help or advice on anything from choosing the right door for your home, to the actual installation process, please do not hesitate to give us a call – your point of contact will oversee your project from start to finish.

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